A Day in the life of a College Student

By Prerna Kaushik | Apr 22 2020

When you entered in the top engineering colleges in jaipur , As a college student is an adjustment for everyone. College is a time for growth, development and stress. It’s a time to explore new worlds, challenge yourself and stress. The college schedule is very different than the traditional high school schedule, typically there is a lot of more flexibility with your college classes. In schools, every class has been taken but in college you could have choices to attend the classes which would be offered on different days, at different times and for different durations.


The other cool thing about the college schedule is that you usually have more opportunities to explore your interests.


Student-hood is the most enjoyable period of any person's life, provided he has the right perspective. For being college student means having been given the opportunity to explore knowledge. Real enjoyment is not the temporary enjoyments of the altogrther pleasures; they are the ones related to mind, intellect, and intelligence.



A student’s day starts quite early. He or she has to get up early in the morning to get ready for the college. Some very ambitious and dedicated students get up very early to do studies. At top college in jaipur for engineering college he become engrossed in learning the basic knowledge about the engineering such as mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering.

After college, he  or she goes back home with homework assignments given to him by the teachers. After some relaxation, he again gets busy in his studies too. He/She must remember that it is the golden time of his/her life in which he gets an opportunity to lay foundations for his future success and career. 


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