Engineering College taking strict measures against COVID-19 Spread

By Akshita Bhardwaj | Mar 19 2020

Engineering Colleges, Schools, Universities, institutions are going to closed due to the fast spread of COVID-19. As per the government orders, Top Engineering College in Jaipur canceling in-person Lecturers and started giving preference to the online classes. A number of students are migrating from engineering college to their home due to the coronavirus. 
After the release of government order on 12 March 2020, Top B.Tech College communities, schools, universities, & institutions will be closed from March 13 to March 30 in favor of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Community centers, gyms, entertainment venues, etc will remain close for 14 days. All the Engineering College, & other education centers will reopen on Monday 30 March 2020.
As we all know, We are in Stage 2 of COVID-19, but we need to prepare ourselves from the major effects of upcoming Stage 3. If we do not take some safety measures now, It will become difficult for us to fight with Coronovirus in Stage 4. For safety, we need to take some strict measures against coronavirus. After declaring the World Health Organization, Coronavirus as a pandemic, we need to be careful. As per the advice of experts, we have to take some health measures for our own protection. Here we are providing you some health tips for fighting against Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Health Tips for Self Protection 
1. Cover your mouth with a mask and try to maintain distance from sick peoples.
2. Avoid touching your nose, eyes, & mouths.
3. Wash your hand regularly with water or soap after an hour 
4. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which contains 60% of alcohol where soap & water are not available.
5. Try to make a distance from sick peoples.
6. Stay Home if you are feeling sick.
7. Cover your mouth with a paper napkin at the time of cough or sneeze, then throw the tissue in the dustbin.
8. Avoid touching objects and surfaces unnecessarily. 
9. Try to stay healthy, take proper diet and healthy food which increases your immunity power. 
10. Do share anything that comes in contact with saliva.
Jaipur Engineering College has taken all safety measures for preventing their students from getting infected. For Admission @ JEC Contact us through given below details.
Phone: 18001027919