How Engineers can Help Reduce Unnecessary Plastic Pollution?

By Akshita Bhardwaj | Mar 25 2020

Plastic is one of the highly used manmade material which is used by each and every person in their daily life. Some of its qualities make it more useable by us such as lightweight, flexible, inexpensive, and durable. Due to these qualities, we get addicted of it. Now, these days we used plastic in each second thing we use in our daily life such as from morning toothbrushes to highly used mobiles. But the questions arise either it is good for our nature or not. 

What do you think about how much time will take plastic to biodegrade? You always read a headline in a newspaper that animals were dying of eating plastic bags. It is true. The petroleum-based plastic bag does not biodegrade. We throw garbage in a plastic bag which does not biodegrade with the rest. Plastic is the material that causes harm to our environment. Industries have already created 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic that never biodegrades. So, What is the solution to deal with this problem? The only solution to fight this problem is reuse. 

Engineers can play a lead role in finding a solution for plastic reuse by inventing new ideas. Chemical Engineers introduce new ideas for recycling plastic bags. They are trying to invent new products from used plastic. Most of the areas banned plastic in their locality because it is very hard to recollect used plastic from tones of garbage. Try to use paper in place of plastic bags. Plastic is not only used as carrying bags but may also be used in so many other products. It is very hard to ignore it. But if we try we can do anything.

Top Engineering College of Jaipur banned plastic in their college premises. They also told students about the merits and demerits of plastic which create awareness between the new generation. Engineering Students are the pillars of our upcoming generation that are responsible for a new invention. Engineering College will prepare a student to find a solution for these materials. 

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