Importance of dress code for College students

By Prerna Kaushik | May 01 2020

In top  engineering college in Jaipur, dress codes are set in place to provide a better learning space for all students.

Having a dress code can be oppressed students because students are given the impression that should not express themselves.  Although some students may argue that this action would restrict the individual’s student freedom, but in a respectful manner, We must all learn and understand the respect the feelings of others and learn how to operate in the real world to get a successful life.

The importance of having a dress code is to teach us in the real world how to dress for our jobs. Inappropriate clothing in college will distract other students. A Dress Code in college means everyone wearing the same kind of dress. Dress Code is nothing but wearing uniform and being groomed properly. Here, We all are one, We wear the same kind of dress and we show we are all one , No one are discriminated on the basis of fashion.


Benefits of having a dress code in Colleges:

·      Having a dress code have proven to increase student achievement by encouraging students to concentrate more on their studies and less on their wardrobe.

·        It also saves money, as there will be less pressure to keep up with expensive trends and fashions.

·       A dress code promotes a college atmosphere which emphasizes academics and promotes good behavior.

·        Dress code at college can reduce acts of violence.

·        College dress codes help students stay focused on their education.

·        College dress codes make itr easier for students to get ready for class .

·        It is possible for a college dress code or mandatory uniform policy to cost less.

·        Most college dress codes allow for individualization.


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