Never Fear to Ask Question in Class

By Akshita Bhardwaj | Feb 18 2020

Students feel hesitate in asking questions at lecturers. This issue was faced by students at school and college level. They get conscious of their image in front of their friends. Because of this reason, they do not ask a question at the time of Lecturer. They sit in a lecturer with a blank mind which leads to a decrease in confidence of students. They face problems on that topic afterward. They leave thinks for next time. They thing, they got answers online but they do not. The style of explaining the topic of a teacher is totally different from online tutorials. Their lots of doubts that will remain to take place at the time of watching tutorials. So asking questions in lecturers is not a sham, it is about to resolve your queries. 
The Main problem will arise at the time of the assignment. They are not able to complete their assignments on time. They leave questions between assignments. Sometimes the whole assignment was based on that topic. But the same situation repeats again. They do not ask for help from their teacher and friends. This will lead to the late submission of an assignment. All the queries will be running in their mind. They try to get an answer online which is not available there.
At Jaipur Engineering College, faculty try to be friendly with students. They try to calm the environment of the classroom by doing jokes in mid of the lecture. They help students in their assignments. Students of JEC feel free in asking questions after the lecture from teachers. This thing will help them in resolving their queries. For more Admission at Jaipur Engineering College contact us through the given details. 
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