The Role of Social Media in Education for college Students

By Prerna Kaushik | Apr 29 2020

We are seeing that in top engineering colleges in Jaipur adapting these developments into their systems and it improves student life. The use of social media in education provides students with the ability to get more useful information which makes education convenient. We know that education has been dependent on print and electronic media.

In current days the usage of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on are very common. These social networking sites are used by millions of peoples for their own profit. In the modernization of education , it is mostly based on books and paper. The lectures in colleges teach using board and books for taking classes whereas In the current system of education, all the colleges must be affiliated to some university that controls over many colleges with the same syllabus, but in the best college in jaipur for engineering the way of teaching is different from other colleges.


With the help of this, As students use Facebook nowadays, so teachers have come up with this idea of making a common page for all the students to share the updates regarding any changes in class schedule, dates due to assignment submission and quizzes, etc. It helps students to keep in touch with their teachers and ask about the difficulties in the courses while sitting at home.

How the students will be benefited out of this:

·         They can be utilizing all the study resources properly.

·         They increased skill in technology.

·         Development of communication skills.

·         They increased their talent to work on group projects.


Many students already use these forms of technology so they may be more engaged in learning.

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