Why group study is more effective for students?

By Prerna Kaushik | May 09 2020

As a student of best engineering college of jaipur, you already know how important studying is to being successful in Colleges When the students form a small group to study and share their views on a common educational topic, it is called studying in a group or group study. 


The study group usually comprises of students which study in the same class or the same batch. It is not necessary that the students of a study group know each other. Before forming a study group it should be seen that the all the participating students must share a common topic or syllabus for studying so that they can share their views with each other. 


Benefits of Group Study

The following are the greatest benefits of group study:

·         It Improves your notes: It provides an excellent notes for students to compare class lecture notes. It allows to the students to learn important concepts they may have missed during lectures.

·         Sharing talents: Everyone has unique talents to share with your group members, which can be learn from each other. It provides students an opportunity to benefit from the talents and knowledge of the other group members.

·         Cover more material: Working in groups  focus on more concepts since multiple people can review more material than just one.It allows students to learn a lot more, in a lot shorter time, than if they were to study each topic on their own.

·         It makes learning fun: Studying with a group is a great way to liven up your study sessions. studying in a group environment makes learning much more fulfilling and enjoyable.

·         Different Perspectives: very student does not think the same. While doing self-study, a student will think only in one single direction. This provides him with limited knowledge only. Moreover, due to thinking in one direction can cause the student to different things to be the same.

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