Why teacher quality is important?

By Prerna Kaushik | May 11 2020

Education is the most important part in one’s life. Teacher quality has a major influence on how the students will learn and recognize the information given. Teaching is an important and difficult career that shapes not only the future of a student’s life but also the future of a society.

 In today’s society teachers come in all types. For example, In best engineering colleges of Jaipur, almost teachers are good. Teachers should possess many quality that closely related to the teaching  values.

A complete teacher should possess individual qualities such as being heart-kind person ,patient, responsible having confidence and leadership. The teacher is also willing to keep explaining when there are students who wouldjust not be getting the concepts.


Qualities of Good Teachers in Top engineering college of Jaipur

·       General Academic Background: The teacher is required to answer questions which require command of subject. He should have sufficient knowledge.

·       Professional Efficiency: Knowledge of the subject matter is not sufficient to be a good teacher. The teacher should have a sense of dedication to the teaching profession. He should be dedicated to teaching and teach enthusiastically.

·       Personality  Traits:

The following traits in the teacher are worth mentioning here:

a.  Love for children: The teacher must love his /her students. He must understand them individually and try to help them in overcoming their difficulties

b.   A man of character: The teacher should have high moral character

c.   Good expression: The teacher must be able to express his thoughts clearly His oral and written expression must be good. 

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