increasing presence of women in engineering colleges

By Akshita Bhardwaj | Feb 18 2020

Engineering Courses are more preferred by male students as a comparison to women. The shortage of women candidates in the engineering filed is less than 10%. But now the mentality of students has changed. Top Engineering College in Jaipur consists of an equal number of female students to male students. Have you ever think "What is the reason behind that women dose not select engineering as their career option?". Top B.Tech Colleges in Jaipur research says, generally parents do not allow girls to pursue Engineering for their further studies. They think engineering courses are feasible for boys only. The job opportunities available in the Engineering fields are not suitable for girls.  But it is not correct. Engineering is not a gender-based course. It is suitable for both girls and boys. And job opportunities are available as per both boy's and girl's comfort.
Popular Engineering Branch in Girls 
Most of the girls who take admission in Top Engineering College in Jaipur will select Computer science and Information technology streams. These two streams are the most comfortable branches for girls as per the parents' point of view. But it is not true, girls can also participate in other engineering courses except these two. Parents think Civil, Mechanical, & Electrical branch consists only filed work only. But it is a myth, as there are so many companies which offer office jobs in these Engineering Branches. There are so many workshops will be conducted by Top B.Tech College in Jaipur in which they try to erase this myth from parents' mind. 
Presence of Women's in Technical Field
Girls can perform equally or better than boys in the technical filed. In Today's world, women are present in each and every field. They prove their working strength equal to boys. Top Engineering College in Jaipur gives its best in increasing the number of girls in the Engineering Field. 
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