ragging in engineering College - a reason of worry for parents

By Akshita Bhardwaj | Feb 28 2020

When students took admission to Top Engineering College in Jaipur, the first questions arise in their parent's minds is " Either College is ragging free or not?". Ragging puts fresher in a tough situation which will become harmful for them. Ragging is an activity in which seniors gave tasks to their juniors for teasing them. It may consist of activities such as singing songs, dancing, dress code, and so on. I know you are thinking about how these activities become harmful for students. But there are so many other activities included such as beating, scaring them, lock them in rooms, puzzle-solving, etc. All these things create pressure and tension in the fresher's mind. They started losing their confidence in the beginning year of engineering. They started skipping lectures, college events due to ragging pressure. 
Hostel Ragging - A trouble for Fresher's
Students who come from the different states for studying at Best B.Tech College in Rajasthan do not prefer Engineering College Hostel. Parents do not all their children to go to other states for pursuing engineering. The problem behind all these problems is ragging, parents, as well as students, get scared from extreme levels of ragging at College hostels. The result of ragging at Top Engineering College in Jaipur, sometimes become highly harmful for both senior and fresher. Ragging creates high-level pressure and fear in students' minds, resulting in students stop participating in activities, try to stay quiet, ignoring involvement, etc. In this situation, parents want to be friendly with their children and start taking interested in their life. This will help in reducing their stress and fear and give them the strength to face Engineering College ragging problems. 
Anti-ragging Cell @ Best B.Tech College in Rajasthan 
Now the trend has changed, Top B.Tech College in Jaipur took strict action against ragging. They create an anti-ragging cell in their colleges. They also project cameras all over the Engineering College campus. They put guards at the hostel area for 24 hours watch. Top Engineering College at Jaipur keeps an eye on senior's activities. If they found any miss behaving activities take place on college premises, they will be detained those students from the college. Jaipur Engineering College is one from the list of Best B.Tech College in Jaipur have an anti-ragging cell for students help. For Admission visit JEC and contact us through the given details.
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